How to Grout

How to Grout natural stone tiles:

 When laying out your tiles you will have decided on what size grout lines to have, depending on your desired final look. You now need to decide what colour grout you want, contrasting or matching. 
Once you have chosen, make sure that you have allowed 24 to 48 hours from when you applied the adhesive before beginning to grout. Remove all spacers and clean any adhesive from inside the joints.
Things You'll Need:
Tile sealer, Grout ,Grout float, Sponge, Jointing tool (optional), Soft cloths, Natural stone sealer, Sealer applicator
1: Coat the stone tile with a tile sealer. This will help prevent stains from occurring and make it easier to remove extra grout from the tile's surface.
2: Work within a small area to allow yourself time to complete each section before the grout hardens.
Mix the grout according to the manufacturer's instructions. Pour it onto the surface of the tiles. Use the grout float, angled at about 45 degrees; push the grout across the surface and into the joints. Make sure to move the float diagonally across the face of the tile.
3: Clean the surface of the tile with a damp sponge, rubbing in a circular manner, after 10 minutes. Be careful not to wipe out the grout from any of the joints.
4: Shape the grout with a jointing tool if desired. Press lightly into the grout to smooth out a uniform joint. This will give the grout a different aesthetic look.
5: Wait until a dull haze appears on the surface of the tile. Once this happens, immediately polish the tiles using a clean, damp cloth. Buff the tiles shortly after with a dry cloth. Ensure there is no remaining haze on the tiles. Wipe down the tile with a damp cloth again later that day or the next to help seal the grout and clean the tile.
6: Let the grout dry for a few days up to a week.
Most natural stone tiles will require a sealant to protect and enhance the stone's qualities. Apply the sealant using a sealer applicator. Make sure you are using the correct sealant labelled for natural stone, as this will affect the overall appearance of the tile.
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