Dijon Brushed Limestone Floor Tile

  • Dijon Brushed Limestone Floor Tile
  • Dijon Brushed Limestone Floor Tile
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£49.20/m2 inc VAT


Sedimentary Limestone floor tile characterised by a warm oatmeal shade with subtle fossilisation on a brushed surface and sawn edge.

A brushed finish gives only a slight surface texture and can give a softened edge. This Egyptian product is popular due to it's competitive price and beautiful look.

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600 x freelength x 15mm @ £38.80/m2 - inc VAT.

Origin: Egypt


Suitable for:

  • All internal domestic applications
  • All commercial applications

Not suitable for:

  • External applications

Other Information

The degree of fossilisation will vary from batch to batch and from tile to tile. Due to the manufacturing process Free Length tiles may come in as few as 2 lengths or multiple lengths, but this will vary from order to order and batch to batch, and specific ratios or lengths cannot be guaranteed.

Recommended Fixative

Walls & Floors - Norcros

Recommended adhesives are given as a guide only. Different substrates may require a different fixing method. For a bespoke specification contact the Sales Office with full details of your substrate or refer to BS5385 for further information.

Anti-Stain Protection

Colour intensified finish - Lithofin Colour Intensifier followed by Lithofin Stainstop
Natural finish - Lithofin Stainstop 
Visit Lithofin Website for more information. 


Vacuuming to remove dust and dry dirt.
For more extensive cleaning use the following products:
Regular cleaning - Lithofin Easy Care
Intensive Cleaning - Lithofin Wexa
Visit Lithofin Website for more information.

Sizes & Prices

Size (mm) Tiles per m²† £/Tile £/m²*
600 x Free x 15 49.20

(S) = Sawn Edge.
†Approximate measurements.
Free length = supplied in minimum multiples of 1m². 
*Prices/m² are approximate, except when only sold in m² .
All prices are inclusive of 20%VAT.

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